Monday, May 17, 2010

Large Link 3-Bead 26" Necklace

This is how your Large Link 3-Bead 26" Necklace will come to you. It comes with the Pewter Exchangeable Bead Combo which consists of crystal, white and pewter beads. Other bead combos are also available to interchange with your pewter. Use the large lobster claw to adjust your necklace to any length to accommodate as many charms as you would like.

Here are several ideas of what your necklace can look like after adding charms, baubles and exchangeable bead combos. The last picture has a Red Exchangeable Bead Combo and a Red Bauble.

This versatile chunky necklace can showcase one or multiple charms. It comes with a crystal, white, and Pewter bead combination. Other Exchangeable Bead Combos are available to interchange for every occasion. Each Large Link Necklace is $20.

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