Monday, May 17, 2010

Exchangeable Bead Combos

Metallic Neutral Exchangeable Bead Combos (left to right: Champagne, Gold, Pewter, Silver)

Color Choices

Solid Exchangeable Bead Combos (left to right: Black, Blue, Brown, Maroon, Red)

Color Choices

Pastel Exchangeable Bead Combos (Left to Right: Light Blue, Light Green, Light Orange, Light Pink, Light Purple, Light Yellow, not pictured, photo coming soon: Medium Pink)

Color Choices

Each of our 26" Large Link Necklaces come standard with the Pewter Exchangeable Bead Combo. Our other combinations can make your 3-bead necklace a color perfect match for any event. Match your sports team, holiday color, or any color. Bead Combos interchangeable clips make it easy to switch in an instant! The bead combination comes with one crystal, one white, and the third bead can be your choice. Choose from our Metallic, Solid, or Pastel Bead Combo options below. Each Exchangeable Bead Combo is $12.

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  1. I am amazed at the styles that could be created with the stones.These look very smart and very usable for casual wear.

    Gold Charm



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