Monday, May 17, 2010

1" x 2" Initial Charms

Everyone likes to be recognized! Choose an initial for yourself, boyfriend, child, or anyone you love. The possibilities are endless. Except for photos, all designs are kissed with glitter. All 1 x 2 double-sided charms are $20.

Add all of your favorites to the shopping cart. Each side of every charm is creatively designed by you. A text box is below every item. Please type in your flipside choice there and then add your selection to the cart. Don't forget to go to your flipside choice and add it to the cart as well. The text box does not add to the cart, it just informs us of your side choices.

The "Large Initial with Tan Stars and Swirls" charm is only available in Tan (shown).

Your Letter Choice
Describe your flipside choice

The "Large Initial with Small Polka Dots" charm is available in any of the accent colors listed in the drop down menu below (shown in light pink)

Accent Colors
Your Letter Choice
Describe your flipside choice

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