Monday, May 17, 2010

1" x 1" Seasonal Charms

These charms characterize something great about each season and can give you a new look any time of the year! All 1 x 1 charms are $16.

Add all of your favorites to the shopping cart. Each side of every charm is creatively designed by you. A text box is below every item. Please type in your flipside choice there and then add your selection to the cart. Don't forget to go to your flipside choice and add it to the cart as well. The text box does not add to the cart, it just informs us of your side choices.

Summer Seasonal Charms:

Ladybug/Laugh: A ladybug embossed on one side with "Laugh" embossed on the other side with swirls in the background. Both sides are kissed with glitter.

Fall Seasonal Charms:

Candy Corn/Moon & Stars: A candy corn embossed on one side with moon and stars embossed on black with a burnt orange background on the other side. Both sides are kissed with glitter.

Winter and Spring Seasonal Charms coming soon!

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